2015 Makin Bacon Rally

Makin Bacon XII

It was that time of year again, time for a weekend Fun and ‘Bolix’ in rural Shropshire, the Hogs Bollocks annual bash. The forecast was for good weather but it turned out to be a little cooler and windier than advised but nothing to put off the hardy perennial type bikers who normally come. The Hogs is a Harley club but all makes are always welcome, bikers first, brands last at Makin Bacon. People started to drift in from around lunchtime to sign in, grab their bag of bits and have their welcome dram before setting off for what would probably prove to be the only successful erection of their weekend!

This a small friendly do, so lots of regulars attend and as renewing acquaintances would simply not be on without an accompanying alcoholic beverage things get ‘relaxed’ quite quickly. There was a good turnout this year particularly three of four other gatherings over this same weekend. Guests arrived from all over country with the Sumpscratchers, Harley 17, NCC, Black Widows, Northern Harley Club, Frog boilers (Yorkshire) amongst them. Friday nights’ entertainment was provided by ‘3 Amigos’ a three piece band who performed many of the best rock anthems we all enjoy in a blues style. The gravelly voiced Mike and one of the best harmonica players I have heard in a long time combined well and their two sets went down well with the crowd watching and dancing, Rock Disco filled the musical gaps with gusto and drinking continued well into the early hours

Next morning the sun was out some time before people started to surface to seek restorative tea, coffee, greasy food and paracetamol. At lunchtime a ‘walk out’ was on offer rather than the usual ride out for those whose valiant efforts the previous night had possibly left them over 35 ml/ltr. Blood alcohol level.  This involved a short stroll down the lane to the Haberdashers Arms pub for a few pints and an option to view their menagerie of animals. One group hired a mini bus to take them into the nearby old market town of Newport (Salops) for an inspection tour of the splendid hostelries to be found there. Judging by their state upon return they had obviously given their all to this task.

Saturday evenings’ entertainment was provided by Jester, a cracking band absolutely bang on for bike rallies. They know what we like, they do it well and they do it loud. In between the two sets the customary raffle was drawn and the bike show trophies were awarded. Steve Wheeler of SHD donated the trophies, judged the bikes and presented the trophies to the grinning winners


Music and beer again flowed into the wee hours before the last stragglers dragged themselves off to their tents. Sunday morning brought the best of the weekends’ weather so none of that getting water running down your neck as you pack away. People said their farewells and headed for home. A great relaxed weekend meeting old friends and making new.