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(October 29, 2012)

At a recent very well attended club night, it was felt that this great club was worth fighting for, but that some things needed to change a little.  We have a fair few new members, and potential members waiting in the wings to join.

The first big decision was about "club nights".  From now on they will be on the 1st Wednesday of every month, and initially we will hold the meetings from 7.30pm at The Star in Stone, they do serve quite good food, so why not combine the club night with your tea!

We have always prided ourselves on not having a committe & that format will not change, but it was felt that we needed a group to focus on rideouts, events ect.  Gary Hawkins kindly volunteered (well sort of) to undertake this role, ably assited by his 2 glamorous assistants Ali & H.  So if you have any ideas for an event or rideout let us know.  It was generally felt that we would try to text members with details of the rideouts as they can be governed by the weather, so if we haven't got your mobile number let us know ASAP.

Mark will continue to look after the money & the membership.

Uber Geek Tom has managed to set up a forum on Facebook for members - check it out "The Hogs Bollocks", I am sure Tom will sort you out with access.

We want to do more than just organise the rally - fabulous as that is, so look out on here for details of forthcoming events.

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