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Heart & Soul

(September 17, 2010)

There are a few of points to note before I go any further


  1. The Hogs Bollocks jinx of a breakdown looks to have been broken – except for Two Stroke, but he only lost his lights so that really doesn’t count
  2. This was probably the best rally of the year
  3. We need to have a first Aider in the club, preferably one that knows CPR – all will become clear!
  4. A new romance is blossoming - see the picture if you don't believe me!!
  5. We have a new Club House


We met at Sandbach services & left promptly at 9.30 – precision from Gary as always.  First real stop was Devils Bridge near Kirby Lonsdale for tea & cake, & boy was it welcome.  The weather was superb, which was just as well because the next bit was “off motorway” across the North York Moors.  Fabulous riding, we all really enjoyed that bit!!


After we had done the putting up tents bit & the booze run, we chilled a bit before the nights entertainment, a couple of local bands who were excellent.


Saturday dawned very bright, blue skies all round.  Gary had promised H a trip to the seaside & he didn’t disappoint!  Another lovely ride through the back lanes to Seahouses for fish & chips by the harbour, the main rally run out caught up with us there, but you know our Gary, can’t hang around too long, there is always something else to see.


Off just up the road to Bamburgh beach, where the need for a first aider became apparent after a very spirited game of rounder’s on the beach.  Needless to say H’s team won with some spectacular cheating!!  Some of us brave souls then went for a paddle – jeez the sea was cold, good job the lads only went up to the calves & no deeper!


After ice creams we set off back to the rally, just enough time for a spruce up before tea & another evening of jollity.  Bessie & the Zinc Buckets were awesome, & had the whole place rocking – didn’t see Bev all night, she stayed on the dance floor, got some stamina that girl.  Tom introduced us to a new craze – air bumming, you will have to ask him…..


Sunday, weather wise was completely different, it rained almost non stop all the way home.  We managed to get separated on one of the motorways, but all arrived home safely.


Like I said, one of the best rallies of the year (with the exception of ours of course), we were made to feel very welcome by the Geordies, the facilities were excellent, and Gary’s trips are becoming legendary.  We managed to pick up another couple of members as well, welcome to Two Stroke & Moose – good to have you on board.

A few early pictures here:
The new Club House - now there's posh......
Hogs Club House

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