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(August 01, 2010)
At today's meeting, we held a "Event Tombola".  Basically we each drew a peice of paper with a month on & (we hope) that that person will organise some kind of event for that month.  It does not have to be anything complicated or fancy, it can be as simple as a curry or a get together at your local, whatever takes your fancy. 
Just so we don't all forget, the months & people are listed below.  If you want to get in touch with details of your "event" e mail H & she will put it onto the website.  Just to save confusion, we have avoided the summer months as we are all busy with rallies & holidays!!
October 2010     Gray
November 2010   H
December 2010   H
January 2011      Dad (Gary)
February 2011    Bakewell
March 2011         Domino
April 2011           Tommy Tickle
September 2011   Mark / Bev
October 2011       Uncle Albert (Ken)
November 2011    Mark / Bev
December 2011     Drakie & Lou

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