Rally Tales

Hog 'n Bog

(August 03, 2011)
OK, so there may not have been many of us, but we didn't let the side down.  The Hogs Bollocks curse hit early on, with Gary not making the ferry, a punture just 10 miles from Stranraer left the remaining 3 on the ferry worrying about their comrade
Messages soon came through about the problem
and left us with a real headache - no one had a map of Ireland!!  only Gary knew where we were going.  Never mind, I am sure we would cope, so once off the boat, we set off in the wrong direction immeadiately, probably just as well, as the 2nd HB jinx then struck with Gray's alarm, the reult of a much longer story about keys being run over!!  Anyways, the result was that Spar shops in Ireland sell everything, including batteries for bike alarms. 
On the road again, in the right direction, a fantastic ride alond the coast roads of Northern Ireland, taking in the rope bridge (Mmmmm), and the Giants Causeway, saw us pitch up at the first nights hotel in Donnegal.  Tom's determination to find a "real Irish Pub" saw a 2.30am finish with the Gardee in attendance. 
5.00am the next morning saw us all together again, with the arrival of Gary - can't beleive the effort that guy made to get there!
After a liesurly breakfast, another fantastic ride along the coast, and arriving at the rally late afternoon.  A really great rally site, with some excellent bands over the2 days, and some very very nice black stuff!!  Saturday saw us spurn the official ride out in favour of a ride to the Bushmills distillery (really it was hangovers that made us miss the ride out!).  Perhaps not the best idea, as we got caught in the most 'orrible rain storm we have ever seen, rivers in the road & all that.  To cap it all we didn't have time to do the tour, but had a really nice snack in the cafe, which made us all feel better.
The sun came out & we rode back to the rally site to start the quaffing in the afternoon sun, whilst H watched the mighty Wigan Warriors on the telly!!
The dog show, yes, dog show that night was a wonder to be held, Gray ran out the winner & the rest of us were all sore losers!!
Packing up Sunday morning was a chore, mainly 'cause I think we all wanted to stay longer, fantastic place & people, but all good things.....
The ferry back was uneventful, but there was a nasty incident with some Irish lorry drivers on the road to Dunfriess, it was so bad that Gary has taken the time to report them to their company, we await the outcome of that.
H & Gray left the group at Junt 40, H throwing a Girlie fit & refusing to ride all the way home without another night in a hotel.
All in all a fantastic rally, but more importantly a fantastic ride along some truly great roads.  Lets see if we can get more to go in a future year, you will enjoy it, I promise.

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