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Review of the year

(December 30, 2009)
It has been an eventful year, an awful lot of ups & the occasional not so good!  Looking back I think that this year has been one of the busiest in recent years in terms of the Club attending events etc, indeed there is hardly a month gone by when we have not been involved in something!
April     A cold start at the Northern Harley Kickstart event - frost
             on the tents, lovely
May      Fab weekend at Symonds Yatt - Rice Pud & all
June     Unwanted custom show - God did it rain!
            Pie Run - You fat b........d
            MAKIN' BACON - event of the year
July     Fenlanders rally - posh or what!
August  HDRCGB - New venue & much much better
Oct      RTTW - very emotional event & the tea was sublime! 
Dec      Xmas Party - Hurrah
I am sure that I have missed out some ride outs, but all in all it has been a brilliant year with a lot of laughs & an awful lot of beer.
Lets do it all again next year!!

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