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RTTW 2009

(October 10, 2009)
An early morning start so that we could arrive in good time, turned almost immeadiately to disaster as the Hogs Bollocks jinx struck again & Bakewell was left stranded at our house with a very dead bike.  So down to six, we picked up another three on route & arrived at Drayron Manor in good time.  On the way in, I looked in my rear view mirror to be greeted by  a grinning Bakewell, apparently a loose connection & then some very good luck at finding us!!
It soon became apparent that the massive figures that were being muted about attendance were correct, huge numbers of bikes completely covered one of the car parks & it took well over an hour to get everyone moving.  The ride to the Arboretum was fairly sedate,  but enjoyable, a lot of locals came out to wave & support, one particularly poignant message by the road asked that we say hello to a relation who was killed in Iraq, I think we all had a tear at that point.
After a butty & cuuppa, the service began, a short but very moving service followed by a flypast by a Spitfire - magic!  After the wreaths had been laid, we got a chance to go & have a look around the monument itself, the most striking thing for me was the vast wall that still does not bear any names yet.
If you have never been to the Arboretum, put it on your list, it is one of the most breathtaking memorials, a very peacful place for reflection & rememberance. 
As per usual with Gary, you can never just go home, there is always somewhere else to ride to, and after finding the Salt Box shut, we rode on to Amerton Farm for a most agreeable Tea and Scones - who says bikers can't do posh!
The whole day was one to remember for a long time, one definately for the calender next year, & I should think it will be an even bigger event.  I shall also certainly go back to the Arboretum when it is not full of Harley's and spend some time there. 

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