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(July 25, 2009)
It wasn't too bad when we set off, good job we put the waterproofs on though, the weather certainly reminded us how bad an English summer can be!!
After a fairly uneventful first 100 miles, Tom took to the layby with a busted battery box, soon fixed with massive ammounts of cable ties & a knife borrowed off a "white van man" - bit of a crocodile Dundee moment with the knife though.
Despite the best intentions of putting the tents up first, the bar seemed a much better idea, "a couple of quick one's whilst the rain stops" was the thought - well H thought it was a good idea anyway.
The band on Friday were pretty good, and we partyed on until the wee small, as the Hogs B are famous for, but why do we insist on drinking that WKD blue????
The Saturday rideout was very impressive, these HOG guys certainly know how to arrange things, 170 bikes over 30 odd miles & our feet never went down once.  Fenlanders 1 We left the main rideout after the stop to go our own way to Cromer, some obsession with crabs or something, the fish & chips were lovely. Fenlanders 3
We stopped off at Morrisons in Fakeneham on the way home, Mark kept the whole car park amused with his air guitar antics in his german helmet - the picture says it all!! Fenlanders 2
Another night of bands and disco in Hawian shirts, along with the obligatory surfing and general roudiness from the gang.  We certainly did not let the club down!! Fenlanders 4
Sunday morning dawned bright & clear, and after Mark managed to take the tent down (around a rather "tired" Bev), we set off for home.  We are never a club to do things simply & true to form with about 40 miles to go, Tom's steed finally cried enough.  After some abortive attempts to get it going, which resulted in Mark burning his fingers, Gary (what a hero) towed, yes towed, Tom on a bungey cord of all things to the nearest pub (of course).  We all congratulated Tom on his choice of breakdown areas, the food there was fab & Bakewell particularly enjoyed the view behind the bar.
After we had saluted the fallen onto the back of the breakdown truck, the remainder of us set off for home, true to form, as soon as we hit the A50 the heavens opened, but we ploughed on.
It really was a great weekend, we were made to feel very welcome by the club, the facilities & the setting were great - defo one for the diary next year.
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