Makin Bacon XI

Hot sunshine and blue skies made for an excellent start to the rally. A steady stream of arrivals roared in despite the diabolical forecasts for the  weekend from weather numpties. After signing in a welcome nip to assist with tent erection people got set up on the camping field and generally got started on a few chill out drinks and circulated around re-newing old friendships and kicking back. The site is tucked away but two lads did manage to go to the wrong Knighton some 70 miles away before eventually finding their way to the site (one way to get furthest travelled I suppose!!)

The Friday night band were rock band Jester who were excellent, and got even some of the more reluctant up and dancing. It may have been influenced by alcohol but both of their sets were great. The bar stayed open until very, very late and was well staffed and friendly and lots took the opportunity to avail themselves of its services.

On Saturday morning we were awoken (at least I was) by the crash of thunder and heavy rain beating on the tent just after seven so nothing to do but roll over in the sleeping bag and wait for it to pass over. I was eventually able to crawl from the tent about 9.45 to try and get some breakfast but only just had time before it recommenced to raining again. So back in the tent and into the sleeping bag in the hope it would help the hangover .

A ‘Walk out’ had been planned for 11.30 which was to have taken anyone who fancied it  to two local hostelries, ‘The Anchor’ and the ‘Haberdashers Arms’ (check them out on Tinternet). Useful after a night on the lash to help clear your  heads and or just a hair of the dog opportunity but in view of the rain it was unfortunately scrubbed.  The rain finally packed in just before 1.00 and the sun re-appeared. Various groups went off by minibus into the nearby market town  of Newport (Salops) to sample the pubs there and others walked up the lane the half mile to try out the Haberdashers.

With the sun out more people started to arrive and things started to ramp up going into the evening. Before the Saturday night band the raffle draw was held and the trophies for the various custom show categories were awarded

Following the interval Vavoom proved to be a really lively three piece rockabilly band that fulfilled all expectations and went down well with plenty of people leaping about on the dance floor. Once again perhaps the almost exclusively alcoholic raffle prizes contributed but there were plenty of shouts for an encore at the end of their set. The bar again stayed open until the early hours for the befuddled with seemingly quite a few guests not in any hurry rush hit the sack.

The sun shone on brightly once again on Sunday morning making the tent like a sauna but after the revelries  of the previous evening no one seemed in much of a rush to dash off home and demand for restorative fried food baps was high. Not a single bike fired up until after 8am, something of a record in my experience! There always seems to be at least one ‘so and so’ at a rally who wants to red line  his bike before setting off home at dawn o’clock.

Another good relaxed  Makin Bacon weekend. Many thanks to Steve Wheeler for judging the bike Show, Chloe’s Munch Box for the excellent scoff throughout the weekend, the DJ for a great vibe and Steve the club manager for his help and support through the weekend. Most of all thanks to all those individuals and clubs (Sumpscratchers, Uxonians, Harley 17, Oddballs, Black Widows) who came and made it what it was

Hope to see you all again next year!!

You and your bikes........
Sunday Morning ..............
Thanks to Bikers Paradise (  for the kind donation to the raffle!!